Privacy Policy

Last update was on 5 September 2015;
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1. General View

Upon installation the application will ask permission to access certain information on your mobile device. The privacy policy below explains how and why we collect that data, what is it used for, and where it is stored.

1. The application will ask your permission to acknowledges the importance and potential of confidential information placed sites, and committed to protecting your privacy. The following is an explanation of the practice of collecting and disseminating information of our own.

Any of your personal information entered on site will not be displayed by workers in or distributed to others outside of your site, only rarely in cases involving any misuse announced by laws or our own policies. We collect some data, after your consent, and they are used for your convenience and for the benefit of other members in the site.

Your personal information will never be shared, sold or used in any manner by the advertisers or official sponsors or any other parties. And all your information will never be compiled or distributed in any form without your knowledge and prior consent.

2. Who will be able display our website?

If you want to sign up on and If you were setting up and uploading your content: text, videos, images, music, links… on, all the users and the visitors of will be able to view your content and you give us the permission to use this content with any third party.

Then the responsibility of the members of the site is to help in maintaining the confidentiality of the site by providing passwords only for right relatives-those who want to access the site. Each user is responsible of protecting his own username and password.

3. Does ask about personal information?

Yes; asks for your name and address of your e-mail and other personal information when registering to create or participate in or to use features such as e-mail and personal situations and shared recordings. Most of this information can be entered upon your opinion.

4. How uses my personal information?

Our goal is to provide you with more possible Web experience linked to the user. The initial use of each of your personal information is to share it with other members and friends when visiting will also use log information and registration to notify you about new topics on the site, and to allow you to know the new features or other offers that interest might you from our site.

In order to give a more personal touch on the site, we may direct advertising of our official sponsors according to user interest. For example, if you are interested in traveling, you may see Airlines advertising, while your brother who loves sports will see sports advertising companies.

In the distribution of the official sponsors or advertisers messages, the advertiser will never be up to individual accounts information. does not sell, lease or even distribute personal information you provide to us. Advertisers simply give us the declaration and tell us about the public they want(for example, the eldest male of 35 years or persons aged 18 to 34 years old interested in foreign sports). Then this site may expose an ad for users who fulfill these criteria.

5. Does ask or require any personal financial information?

This site is free and does not require any financial information.

6. Will disclose any of my personal information to any third party?

No; will not disclose any of your personal information, only after your knowledge and consent as described below or as required by law or to protect the rights and properties.

Other cases in which disclosure for a limited amount of personal information is permitted will be described, especially when collecting data. site retains the right to disclose aggregated user statistics, such as "55 percent of our users are female" or "10 thousand members expressed interest in gardening" to describe our services to prospective partners, advertisers and other parties.

Moreover, if you are out of to visit the site for any formal or advertiser or sponsor of any other party, you may be prompted for your credit card information or other personal information used to purchase products or services offered.

These companies collect data and privacy practices. does not assume any responsibility for these independent policies site. So their privacy policies should be read carefully if you are interested in how they use your information.

7. Does use my personal information in direct Messaging? might as well send you information from time to time about our special services and products that we feel you may be interested in. send directly these correspondence. If you do not wish to receive such correspondence, you can unsubscribe at any time, by deselecting this option in the user log.

8. Can I refuse to provide personal information to or accept advertising?

Yes in both cases. Most of the personal information submitted to are only for website use and they are upon your approval.

Your e-mail address and password are all that is required to participate in this site.

If you are a member on within the free statute, which is sponsored by the advertiser, you will not have the right "turn off" the ad that appears on the Website pages, but you can unsubscribe in any of the ads via e-mail.

9. Does use IP addresses and cookies?

IP addresses: We use your IP address to identify problems in our server and our website management. As well as the IP address is used for demographic information such the geographic distribution of our members.

cookies: Uses cookies to improve the experience of visiting profiles, for example, to avoid the display of certain messages to you more than once, or to save the details of your login on your browser so there is no need to re-enter it each time you want to login or to remember the display language you chose last time, so you will not have to be re-selected again each time you visit the site.

Advertiser's cookies: may expose Ads for other companies on the public pages of the site. These ads may contain cookies that are primarily used to provide data to the advertiser about from where their visitors came. Although we use cookies in other parts of our Web site as described above, our company may or may not collect or control cookies received with ads.

10. What should I also know about privacy?

In the following there is a summary of a few keys issues mentioned above.

Side conditions of the members: Personal data are collected by the choice of its users. This information may include age, gender, hobbies, interests and other personal preferences that can be viewed by other members who browsed the site. It also may uses some of demographic statistical information on an aggregate basis to attract advertisers and to provide offers and information to interested members or to give a personal touch to the visitor experience. These information are not granted in any way to a third party. controls the distribution of all the information on the site.

Unsubscribe: Our site provides the possibility of unsubscribe from receiving newsletters and e-mails that may contain a declaration of our partners or our official’s sponsors. This option can be chosen by any user on the user log page. We always reserve the right to contact users about service or payment issues and new features to improve the service and so on.

11. Can I delete or deactivate my account and what happens to my personal information in that case?

Yes you can deactivate your account. gives the option for removing their information from our database or to not use our service anymore.

Once you delete the information from our site servers, it cannot be restored only if there was a backup

12. Changes and modifications gives users the following options for changing and modifying information previously provided.

1. Any member has the right to edit his personal information including passwords at any time by logging in and updating the information from his profile.

2. Members may, at any time, delete or modify information and items such as news, videos, links, images, or any other personal information that he has published on the website.

13. Disclaimer

When you sign up in, you agree that the use of the service in is completely at your own risk. makes no guarantees as for the accuracy/validity/completeness of the content presented by other users or circulated within the network, therefore it bares no liability towards: inaccurate content, personal injury resulting from usage and accessing the website, any unauthorized access by outside parties into the website and therein the loss of personal/financial data, viruses/bugs that may have entered through third party services that may have caused you the loss or damage of content. doesn’t assume any responsibility for any products/services advertised in it, nor the action resulting from your engaging with such advertisers.

we’ve already mentioned in your exclusive rights and responsibilities to the website that you may not use any other copyrighted material />trademarks/slogans/logos of other brands/companies, or brand names unaffiliated with you or your company, inappropriate/spam/infringement/sexual content, or any other content that is fully owned by and is associated with it. If you include any such material within your content (such as text, videos, image…), we are in full authority to delete such content without notifying you., however, is not responsible for any content that is posted/shared by the users within the website, it is at your own risk to interact with whatever content, and therefore carries no responsibility as for the personal damage/injury such information may cause.